Sony is Pulling Support for PS Now on PS Vita, PS3 and Other Devices, Refunds Are Possible

Sony is Pulling Support for PS Now on PS Vita, PS3 and Other Devices, Refunds Are Possible

Can you hear that noise? It’s the sound of Sony banging in another nail in the poor PS Vita’s coffin. Oh, who are we kidding, Sony chucked it in the river years ago…

Alright, enough of the done-a-thousand-times digs at Sony, but we’re incredibly frustrated right now and if you’re a PS Vita owner that uses PS Now a fair bit, then you should be too.

Sony announced today over on the PlayStation Blog that PS Now will no longer work on the PS Vita, PS3, and a number of TV models, too. However, the cease in support won’t be until August 15th, 2017, so you’ve still got a good six months. Actually, it’s pretty much 6 months to the day. Sony’s explanation was that it wants to focus on the PS4 and Windows PC platforms to ensure the best experience.

The comments section on the PS Blog aren’t too kind towards Sony, and it’s not without reason. PS Vita owners have just been told that they’re losing hundreds of games. Yes, it’s likely that most of them have a PS4/PC, too, but it’s still a kick in the teeth, even more so if you bought the failed PSTV console for the PS Now offerings.

There is a bright side, sort of. If you opted-in to one of those 12 month subscriptions for PS Now, it’s possible to get a refund. When we saw the news that PS Now was being pulled from PS Vita and other devices, we immediately called Sony and asked a) why you doing this to us, bro? And b) can we get a refund?

It’s a little complicated, and of the two Sony reps we spoke to they both stated that it’d be on a case-by-case basis. So, for example, if your Sony account shows that you don’t own a PS4, but you do own a PSTV/PS Vita, the company may offer you a ‘goodwill’ credit amount. It’s not perfect by any means, and for some it’ll be a pain in the neck to navigate the customer service, but if you genuinely did buy a 12 month sub solely for your PS Vita/PSTV/smart TV, it’s worth picking up the phone and seeing what can be done.

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