Sony is Shafting Players (Again) With Horizon Forbidden West

Dumb delivery gets even dumber

It wasn’t long ago that I was poking Sony for charging players for the Ghost of Tsushima PS5 upgrade being a paid one, especially when over on Xbox we see no such nonsense, at least not from first-party games. Activision will charge for upgrades, and a couple of others have too, but for the most part, the industry is leaning into “buy on last-gen, get the next-gen free” philosophy that Xbox’s Smart Delivery promotes.

Sony is having none of it, though, and is instead doubling down on the Dumb Delivery that shafts the player base.

The FAQ for Horizon Forbidden West’s pre-orders have revealed that there is no upgrade paid for players who buy Horizon Forbidden West on PS4. There’s no even the option to pay a nominal tenner to get your PS4 version upgraded to the PS5 edition.

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So if you have a PS4 and can’t get hold of a PS5 – and let’s face it, that has been a problem that people have had since before the console was even released – you’ll have to shell out for a more expensive version of the game to guarantee that you’ll be able to access the game on PS5. The Standard and Special editions will not give you PS5 access, only the Digital Deluxe, Collector’s, and Regalla Editions offer a PS5 upgrade.

And yes, before you wonder, those editions are more expensive. Of course they are.

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