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Sony Launches New My PlayStation Website, Lets You Use PSN Features on Your PC

We’ve been fairly critical of Sony when it comes to the PlayStation Network. When the duct tape isn’t coming loose and knocking the entire service offline, there’s usually another problem somewhere else. Whether it be downloads taking forever, or the web store running at a snail’s pace, there’s always something for us to have a moan about. And that’s alright. We love a good moan sometimes.

Today, though, we have to give credit where it is due. Sony has announced today that it is launching a new website for PlayStation players to use. It’s called My PlayStation. Nice and easy. What does it do, though, we hear you ask. Well, if you’ve got the PSN app on your smartphone, it’s pretty much just that but in the format of a website. You can message friends, see who’s online, have a gander at your trophies and change your avatar. It’s not the most exciting thing but it’s still worth a look if you’re stuck at your desk looking for a way to waste down the clock until hometime.

While the initial announcement has only been made on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, the site is ready to go in other languages, too. So far we’ve managed to test English, American English, German and Spanish.

Will you be using My PlayStation? Or do you feel you need a break from the PlayStation ecosystem sometimes? Share your ponderings down in the comments section below.

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