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Sony London’s PSVR Shooter Blood & Truth Rated for Release in Australia

Sony London Studios’ Blood & Truth for PSVR has been rated by the Australian Ratings Board, indicating that the game may not be too far away from release.

The Aussie ratings authority has recently rated Blood & Truth for PlayStation 4, and has awarded the game a rating of MA 15+ due to violence, language, sex, and themes. Par for the course, then, considering the game is inspired by PlayStation VR Worlds’ The London Heist.

Sony has yet to announce any release date or window for Blood & Truth for PSVR, but there’s a good chance that we’ll get an announcement in the near(ish) future. Games tend to be rated in the weeks – sometimes even days – prior to release, so it’s not too far-fetched to expect to hear something in the coming weeks.

Blood & Truth is a hard-hitting action game set in London and inspired by The London Heist experience that was included in the poorly received PlayStation VR Worlds PSVR launch game. The game is described as being a “high-octane narrative” where players will experience a rich story with dialogue choices, all set against the backdrop of a gritty, modern-day London full of gun-toting gangsters. Cockney accents and explosive set pieces? Yes, please.

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Source: Australian Ratings Board

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