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Sony Ordered to Change Misleading PS Now Advert Before Full Investigation

A few weeks ago I wrote an article based on an advert Sony was running for its game streaming service, PS Now, and how that advert could be potentially misleading due to the way it was structured.

Out of boredom and curiosity, I actually filed a complaint with the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority about this specific advert. I didn’t think anything would come of it and that I’d quickly forget it. Nope.

Today I received an email from the ASA re: Case Ref A18-468710 stating that the authority has “asked them to amend the ad so that it does not imply 31 new games are added to PlayStation Now every month.  Once we get an assurance from them that they will change the ad in a way we consider resolves the complaint, we will close the case.”

The email then goes onto say that if Sony doesn’t agree with the proposed amendments, the case could then be passed on to the ASA Council to conduct a full formal investigation.

“However, if they do not agree with our proposed amendments, we may have to think about other ways to resolve your complaint, including conducting a formal investigation that involves the ASA Council.  If that happens, we will contact you again.”

I didn’t think it’d actually go this far but it looks like the ladies and gents at the advertising authority – the experts – are in agreement: the advert is misleading and needs to change.

Well there goes any chance of getting future review codes from Sony…

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