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Sony Releases New Accolades Trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man, Forgets to Quote Pure PlayStation

Look, Sony, I’m not mad or anything. Really. I’m not even mad we didn’t get a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man for review purposes. I don’t mind that I spent 74.95€ to buy the game – a ridiculous price thanks to Germany being, well, proper German.

I don’t even mind that I stayed up until 5AM two nights on the trot to finish the damn game. But to forget to add Pure PlayStation to the accolades trailer? Unforgivable.

My nonsense aside, the real news here is that there is indeed a brand new trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. It’s an accolades trailer, so that means there’s a whole bunch of quotes and scores plastered throughout, just not Pure PlayStation’s…

The trailer is up above, so if you’ve yet to be caught up in the web of hype (Sony, please use that as a quote) you can hop on the proverbial hype train by watching it at full volume in the most public of places.

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