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Sony Releases New “Coming to PS4 in 2017” Trailer

Update: Apologies for the lack of streamable trailer. A technical issue causes only the URL for the trailer to appear on the image above. This has now been fixed and the original author will be spanked as punishment.

2017 is only a few hours old, yet Sony is already pushing the advertising for what’s to come this year. The platform holder has released a brand new trailer today on its YouTube channel to show players what’s coming to PS4 this year.

The usual suspects are all present: GT Sport, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and others. What’s more is that Media Molecule’s Dreams is also featured in the new advert, so perhaps the game will eventually release this year? Who knows… Until then, enjoy the trailer up above.

We’re looking forward to getting stuck into some meaty titles this year, so let us hope that nothing from the above video is hit with a delay. Oh, c’mon, who are we kidding – we just know that the delay hammer will strike at some point.

What are your most-wanted games of 2017? Are they exclusives, or have third-party games got you excited? Give us a shout down in the comments section below.

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