Sony Releasing Exclusive PSVR Bundle in China, Now We’re Jealous

Sony Releasing Exclusive PSVR Bundle in China, Now We’re Jealous

Aww man, why don’t we get such wicked stuff? Sony has announced a brand new PSVR/PS4 bundle that will release later this month in China.

The bundle, which is pictured above, includes a 500GB console, the PSVR headset, a PS Camera, two PS Move controllers, a three-month PS Plus subscription and five games, including the PSVR exclusive PlayStation VR Worlds. The price? According to the ever-knowledgeable ZhugeEx, around $850.

Pretty steep pricing though it’s still a decent deal considering what’s in the box. Oh, and there’s also a bundle that includes the newly announced Glacier White PS4 Slim. Damn. Now we’re really jealous.

To be honest, this seems a little strange that Sony would announce new bundles to be released at the end of this month when stock shortages in the UK and North America are still the topic of discussion amongst would-be PSVR players. Hmm. At least the UK is getting some stock early next month, or so Amazon has assured us.

psvr white bundle

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