Sony Sells the Most Games Over the “Black Friday” Week

There’s no denying that every product supplier is a winner come Black Friday. But Sony did better than some as it has today been announced that more PlayStation software was sold compared to its rivals. So you could say Christmas came early for the Japanese stalwart.

However, sales were actually down on last year’s figures by a total of 37% so maybe now isn’t the right time to pull that cracker.

It still means Sony trounced Microsoft on the sales front – which is a battle that has never been more important as we draw closer to the next generation. But who knows? Maybe Microsoft were able to sell more consoles (their offers were very inviting – I saw a console and new game for £120!). Unfortunately, though, we don’t have the data to prove this either way.

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Sea of Thieves’ resurgence into the charts does at least hint at a strong week for all; it made it all the way up to number 4!

In numbers, Sony’s dominance translates into sales of nearly 500,000 games. That is compared to around 413,000 for the Xbox and 362,000 copies for the Nintendo Switch. Elsewhere, with FIFA 20 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare taking the top two spots in the charts, we can only assume the themed PlayStation 4 bundles sold well and will be found under many a tree this Christmas. Let’s just hope santa doesn’t get distracted with a Dualshock 4 in his hand…

Did you grab a PlayStation bargain in the last week? Or is your backlog “Black Friday unfriendly”? Share your supersaver tips in the comments below. 

Source: Games Industry

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