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Sony Shake-up Means You Can Buy Your PS5 Accessories Before the Console in the UK

I don’t know why you’d want to buy a bunch of accessories for the PlayStation 5 before you’ve got the console in your hands. Primarily because stock is hardly guaranteed and you’re not even promised launch day delivery with a pre-order. But Sony seem to think it’s something many of you would like to do and will now be making the products available from November 12th. That’s pretty much a week before the best case scenario for delivery.

And months before the worse case scenario…

Thing is, many of those who were lucky enough to secure themselves a console would have probably ordered a controller and headset at the same time. After all, that’s the logical thing to do and means everything will turn up together. Plus, it’s not like you can use them before. But now there’s a chance you’ll have these peripherals arriving up to a week early – sitting around the house, taunting you.

Or will you?

You see, with this change, you’d expect delivery due dates to now state an earlier day for that part of your order. But Amazon in the UK are still showing the 19th. That means, if you ordered an accessory together with the console, they’ll probably still turn up in the same box. But if you have suddenly thought you need an accessory, you will now be able to pick it up early from a store of your choosing.

What you’ll do with them is a topic for another article, but I guess you could always sit in front of the telly – pretending to play next gen? Just me then…

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