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Sony Show PSVR Commitment With Christmas Sales

There has been concern amongst gamers recently that the PSVR is being neglected – especially by first party releases. But Sony has today expressed their commitment to the peripheral, even if the reassurance doesn’t come across as strongly as they’d probably like.

Over on Game Industry Biz, the company’s stance for this Christmas was described. And it looks like it’ll give our wallets a reason to celebrate. But offers and savings alone won’t necessarily answer our concerns, especially as they’re addressing something I’d call a non-issue.

Why? Well, let’s be honest for a second. Very rarely do you hear anyone bemoaning the cost of a PSVR game. Instead, we tend to only complain when the game doesn’t meet our expectations, either due to its content or glitches – and that applies to normal PlayStation releases as well as the virtual reality offering. Therefore savings, although welcome, will only help the company gain a greater market share.

Meanwhile, we’re left waiting for that next big release.

It could be argued that an uptake in the device by new players over the holidays would, in turn, encourage development studios to support the device further. But we’ve heard similar arguments over the last couple of years and yet the commitment is still lacking. Without Sony themselves throwing all their resources at a Triple A hit, I don’t think that’s going to change. So the question is, will they?

Source: Game Industry Biz

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