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Sony Slowing PS4 Downloads to Preserve Internet Access During Coronavirus Pandemic

If you notice that your PS4 downloads are slow, or slower than usual, don’t be worried. Your internet is still working and your game will eventually download, but it may take a little longer, as explained today by Sony in a brief statement on the PlayStation Blog.

The platform holder explains that as more people are staying home during the coronavirus pandemic, download speeds on PS4 may be slower as Sony is working with internet providers in Europe to ensure that the internet is still accessible for everyone, and not just those data hogs downloading games all day and night.

For the moment, this is only in Europe, but it could well be that North American players will find themselves in a similar situation. As more people are doing the sensible thing and are staying home to prevent the further spread of the infection, more demand is being put on the internet services we all use and enjoy.

While PSN download speeds may become slower, general multiplayer gaming should be unaffected, so there’s no worry about getting disconnected during a game of FIFA or Call of Duty, or whatever you’re playing to pass the time at home.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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