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Sony Still Expects the PS5 to Launch This Year

There’s a lot of uncertainty going on at the moment. And one of the biggest questions is whether we can still expect the PlayStation 5 to launch at the end of the year. Well, according to Sony, there is no change to their plans, so ‘Holidays 2020’ remains the target launch window. But can we really say anything for definite now?

Especially when what’s going to happen after the weekend is in doubt, as it is. Who knows where we’ll be at come December…

This news comes via a Bloomberg report, which also states the company is expecting to make a loss in the meantime as well as delay its publishing of earnings – an announcement originally expected next month. But all of these are current consequences that could be easily predicted, unlike anything longer term. So, even if pre-orders open up soon for the console, I still don’t think we can guarantee an on-time launch.

After all, manufacturing must have already taken a hit during China’s lockdown. So, it’s just one thing after another. Yet, the report states:

“A Sony spokeswoman said it doesn’t see any notable impact on the launch of its next-generation game console PlayStation 5 planned at the end of this year.”

However, I doubt they’d say anything else at this time – that’s because they don’t want to cause concern amongst the gaming community and neither do they want to harm their valuation. So, with there still being eight months to go, I think they’ll sit on any doubts a little while longer yet. But pre-orders should go live around the same time they planned (whenever that is) in order to guarantee the company an income in the future. Things are going to be tight for businesses, financially, when things re-open, which will make such monies worth far more than their true value.

A sentiment echoed throughout the commercial world.

Source: Bloomberg

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