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Sony Tease Us Again With Latest PS5 Email

Sony seem to be forgetting something. Namely the two pieces of information about the PlayStation 5 we really care about – its price and release date. Yet, here they go again. Sending out emails promising us a “deeper gaming experience”. But there is nothing new accompanying this alluring statement. Instead, they’ve just included a link to the generic features page we’ve all memorised by now. And that is getting a little stale, to say the least.

This is just the latest in a recent line of marketing material, which many believe hints at an upcoming reveal event. Most probably this month. But the longer Sony draws this all out, the more I’m less inclined to expect anything significant. After all, we’re apparently a few months from launch and yet there is no proper pre order mechanism in place. Only a ‘sign up to express your interest’ page.

But that’s hardly going to pay the bills though, is it?

At this point, I’m not sure if I have any excitement left; the whole drawn out process seems to have drained it from my veins. Don’t get me wrong, I’m curious to know what it’ll cost, because all these promises do little else but add pennies on to the final RRP. And I’m interested to see if one, it meets expectations, and two, if Microsoft or Sony have this generation in the bag. But apart from that, I’m getting more excited about the next few games to come out on the PS4 (Pro Skater, I’m specifically looking at you!).

Source: Twitter chatter

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