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Sony Will No Longer Offer Download Codes In-store

According to leaked reports, GameStop will stop offering digital download codes for PlayStation 4 games from this April, opting to instead redirect the interest of buyers towards physical copies.

The surprising change of heart will see the retailer making the move away from downloadable products as a result of a decision made by Sony, but will it backfire?

The memo, available to view over on Twitter, describes their plans in detail. It suggests that anyone interested in pre-ordering a digital copy of an upcoming title should be encouraged to go physical whilst current digital reservations will be addressed shortly. Could that mean cancellations are inbound? Possibly, unless you don’t mind the little blue box option.

But there are more discoveries to be made amongst the small print, including the exceptions to the above rules. According to the published document, digital copies of Mortal Kombat 11 and Days Gone will be honoured as well as being available to purchase for one week post launch. We assume that is to do with the financial benefits for Sony, or losses if they were to cancel.

The store was, however, keen to stress that PlayStation Store top-ups will continue to be made available, meaning a digital copy is still possible by buying enough credit and then heading online. But sometimes that just ends up with a funny amount of money being left in your wallet that proves rather difficult to spend in its entirety. Also, all of the above only applies to full-game downloads, which probably means DLC and Season Pass vouchers will still be on sale. For now, at least.

Finally, any consumer concerns are to be directed to Sony, suggesting that the Mothership is at the heart of all of these changes. Why is another matter all together, as is the geographic reach of their purge.

Are you a fan of digital copies, using purpose-made cards and vouchers? Or are you happy enough to top-up using pre-determined amounts? Write a physical comment below. 

Source: Twitter

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