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Sony Won’t Force Developers to Upgrade Pre-July PS4 Games

We’ve already been informed how any PlayStation 4 game launching after July 17th will have to be fully operational on the PlayStation 5. However, there will be no pressure from Sony themselves for any previous release to be updated with such features or better graphics. Something I guess we knew, but is a little disappointing nonetheless.

That’s because Sony have already admitted how only around 100 of this generation’s most popular games will be definitely compatible with their next hardware offering at launch – a drop in the ocean, I’m sure you’ll agree. Therefore, there’s a high chance many of our favourite yet non mainstream games will not take advantage of the full potential backwards compatibility offers. And that’s all on Sony.

The reason I say that is because they’re the one offering backwards compatibility. Yet, that turns out to be quite fussy about what games it actually likes. That then places the emphasis on the developers themselves – regardless of their studio size – to either spend more on making their games work, or be known as a true PlayStation 4 exclusive. And to me, that’s not fair, because if it was truly backwards compatible, there’d be no problem with any game currently playable on the PS4. For which, there are many more than just 100.

Instead, whatever cuts Sony have had to take to keep their costs down or keep its size down will have to be rectified by the developers themselves. And there’s probably no incentive to do so. After all, they’ve already spent a fortune getting to release as it is, and couldn’t really compete with the new shiny games coming up in the next 18 months. Because the chances are, if you already own it, you’ve already played it (or will have by Holidays 2020). And if you haven’t played it, you’ll have forgotten about it in no time – what with your new toy and what not.

A new lick of paint probably won’t change that, either.

But maybe they will run ? Who knows. But I wouldn’t expect to see too many bug fixes – some games are five years old by now and their guardians have moved on to better things. Making them look and play well on the PS5 would be like starting all over again!

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