Sony’s Financial Numbers Are Down but PS4 Sales Are Up

Sony’s Financial Numbers Are Down but PS4 Sales Are Up

Sony dropped the financial info for their third quarter ending December 31st, and there is some interesting news for gamers. Here is the bad news first. Overall, the company’s sales are down 7.1% and profits dropped by 83.7% when compared to the third quarter of the previous year. We are sure someone is being yelled at in the angriest Japanese you have ever heard, and some Sony execs may be going full Super Saiyan in an effort to bring up company profits.

The good news is that the games division (that includes the PS4) is up 5.2%. Digital game sales contributed strongly to this increase, but the PS4 is alive and well. There were 9.7 million PS4s sold in the last quarter of 2016 versus the 8.4 million in 2015. This brings the total number to 53.4 million sold. The total number of PSVR units was not included in the report.

Sony’s financial year ends March 31st, and they believe it will be 3.1% more profitable in the Games and Network Services Segment than previously projected. We do not believe blindly in company loyalty here, but it should mean that Sony has funds to keep investing in new games and services to give us something new to enjoy.

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