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Sony’s New PlayStation Now Advert Boasts Over 700 Games Available to Play

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service has done well with gamers, especially considering the value and the fact you can download every game and play them offline. Sony has come some way in bringing its own games subscription service up to scratch, and now the platform holder wants to show it off. Fair enough.

Sony has released a new brief trailer for the PlayStation Now service and it’s using the clip to boast just how many games are available for the monthly price. While Microsoft’s Game Pass may boast a decent library and the ability to download every single game for local play, PS Now does offer a compelling service for those who are able to make the most of it. By that I mean those with internet decent enough to stream as well as download.

PlayStation Now originally only offered PlayStation 3 games to stream on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. The service grew outwards to include select TVs but it has since rolled back to PS4 and, interestingly, PC. PS Vita is no longer supported (boo!) but we now have the ability to download PS4 games if they’re a part of the subscription package.

Analysts have claimed that streaming will be a bigger part of gaming in the future and that Sony and Microsoft will be working on ways to incorporate streaming into their businesses in the near future.

Source: YouTube

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