Sony’s PS5 is a Next-Gen Monster Machine

We’ve had the PS5 details, we’ve had the specs, and most importantly, we know what it will cost and when it will release, as well as which games will release with it and how much they’ll cost. But we haven’t seen the actual console in real-world conditions. Until now.

Thanks to images posted on Twitter of the console’s FCC submission, we have our first proper real-world images of the PS5 – and it’s truly a next-gen monster of a machine. It’s huge, and it’s also the largest games console in modern history, easily beating out the original PS3 fat model, and even the original Xbox One.

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The images give us a look at the console from all angles, yet strangely there’s no obvious input for the expandable storage. This has led some to speculate that the white faceplates can be removed to expose some of the console’s extra ports. It would be a neat feature if we could take off the original faceplaters and replace them with custom designs. However, we’ll have to wait and see if that is the case. In the meantime, here are your first proper, non-PR glammed-up shots of the PS5.

Source: Twitter

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