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Sony’s VR-Focused Manchester Studio Closed, Total Games Released: 0

Well, this is an odd one, isn’t it? Normally, when a studio gets shuttered down it’s because it has been underperforming and can’t keep itself afloat, as is the case with some indie development houses. Other times it’s the parent company of the studio that decides the development house is no longer worthwhile, typically after a run of poor results. Unfortunately, neither is the case for Sony Manchester Studio, which Sony closed earlier this week.

In a statement to, Sony confirmed that Sony Manchester Studio is closing down and all staff have been let go. It’s sad and job losses in any industry are always a sad thing, and all of us here at Pure PlayStation hope those who have lost their jobs find employment soon.

What’s really odd in this case, and it’s definitely worth mentioning, is that Sony Manchester Studio has been closed without ever releasing a game. The studio was formed in 2015 with a focus on Sony’s PSVR headset. The studio was working on an unannounced project, but it looks like we won’t be seeing it any time soon unless the studio’s work has been passed to another studio to work on.

Could this be the first swing of the Brexit axe? Maybe. All I know is that a bunch of people got put out of work. Nice one, Sony!


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