Soulborn is a PS5/Xbox Series X RPG Inspired By The Witcher, The Legend of Zelda, and Thor

There’s a new RPG on the horizon but you won’t be playing it on PS4 anytime soon. Well, you won’t be playing it on PS4 at all, actually, as it’s only in development for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

The game is called Soulborn and it’s an RPG inspired by Norse mythology. You play as Brynjar Townshiled, a Souldborn demigod who also owns the most powerful weapon of all nine worlds: Mjölnir. Yes, the same magical bit of kit that Thor uses in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to kick arse.

Mjölnir can transform into a sword, box, or its original form as the legendary, mythical hammer, and it’s your best tool to help vanquish the soul-devouring beast Nidhöggr who is intent on destroying Midgard.

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It’s an interesting concept, but it’s far more impressive when you see it in action. The developer, Pixelman Studios from Magdeburg (about an hour away from my house, actually) has released a new trailer showing the game off, and it really does look impressive, especially when you consider the size of the studio behind it.

The developer will be opening Soulborn up to players in the form of a closed alpha. During the closed alpha, players will be able to travel across a small part of the game’s fantasy open world, explore two dungeons, and solve puzzles. It’s stated that as development progresses, more content will be added. You can sign up for the closed alpha via the developer’s discord channel here.
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