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Space Overlords on PlayStation Systems Pushed Back to Next Month

The community-based planet creation game was originally slated for PlayStation platforms in September. However, for undisclosed reasons Space Overlords will now hit the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita early next month. 12 Hit Combo’s baby allows players to name their own galaxy and create planets to their liking. You can create planets with a forest base, a concrete base, or metal one, and build upon the natural resources presented. Once you’re done you can upload the selected planet to the community hub. Other players can then jump into those planets and cause chaos.

Gamers will have a ton of Space Overlords to choose from for their smashing needs. You’ll wield unique powers as you trample across a 360 degree planet with the goal of decimating everything. A new video was also released that details the game’s galaxy creation system which can be viewed up above.

Space Overlords looks like a bit of alright, doesn’t it? Or are you not too excited about this one? Either way, let us know down in the comments section which is still down below.

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