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Spaceship Shoot ‘Em Up Fans Rejoice; RiftStar Raiders Revealed

Classic spaceship shoot ’em up games were the real deal back in the day. However, not many of them had four player co-op or any online connectivity to speak of. We of course, realize that is due to the technology limitations at the time but we digress. RiftStar Raiders is looking to make those specific set of specifications a reality. Developer Climax Studios have revealed their latest title and it will feature everything fans of the genre love. Gamers will have to shoot their way through nine co-op missions while battling rival space pirate gangs and an AI hive mind known as the WarSwarm. Ship loadouts and upgrades can be acquired by looting cash off dead enemies.

You’ll be able to modify your playstyle depending on what ship combination you assemble. A few that were given as an example consist of: a tank that focuses on handling damage, a craft that takes care of team support requests, a ship that is nothing but a damage dealer, among many others. The replayability here looks staggering but we’ll have to wait and see as the official release date is only 2017. You can check out the announcement trailer above.

RiftStar Raiders is being developed by Climax Studios who are best known for the three Assassin’s Creed Chronicles titles. They also recently revealed an exciting surfing title. The UK-based studio seems to be checking off all the cult video game genres. We can only hope that this will be as successful and fun as Resogun. Hit us up in the comments below about your favorite space shoot ’em up experience and we’ll let you know ours!

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