Spaceship Shoot ‘Em Up Meets Rhythm With Aaero for PS4

Spaceship Shoot ‘Em Up Meets Rhythm With Aaero for PS4

Developer Mad Fellows announced today that their arcade, spaceship action game mixed with electronic rhythm will release on the PlayStation 4 in February 2017. Aaero has you speeding through stylized environments as you trace and fire ribbons of light while in tune with the soundtrack. Which so happens to feature the likes of Noisia, Flux Pavilion, Katy B, the Prototypes, and Neosignal. The announcement trailer is above for your viewing pleasure and like many other titles, Aaero will be playable at this year’s PlayStation Experience.

We have been buzzing with excitement since we created the very first prototype of Aaero. Combining our favourite elements of rail-shooters and music gameplay has created something truly unique that we’re very proud of,” states Paul Norris, founder and Creative Director at Mad Fellows. “Aaero is based on a deep, fundamental synergy between music, gameplay and visuals. We’ve strived to create a unique and intuitive experience that exhilarates with bold visuals and an incredible soundtrack.”

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