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Sparklite Brings Roguelite Action to PS4 Next Year

If Rogue Legacy and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past had a baby, would you want to play that game? That is the hope of Merge Games as it brings its “approachable roguelite” action game, Sparklite, to the PS4 next year. The nonspecific release date was announced after a partnership was formed with Red Blue Games to publish the title.

In Sparklite, you are an engineer named Ada. Gremlins are destroying the world (and you thought it would be zombies) by eating the magical rocks that give this game its name. They power the planet, and the planet is pissed. Earthquakes cause the world to shift and open up new quests for Ada. (Spoiler alert, Ada. Expose them to sunlight, and you can be home by dinner.)

The gameplay is a mix of ideas. It’s a roguelite, but it still retains an adventure game heritage. There is a mixup of the levels to keep things feeling fresh, but I am not reading anything that says it’s so hard it cuts diamonds. Ada’s an engineer. She will use her noggin to create weapons and tools to solve problems one way or another.

Check out the trailer for some pixel-y, world-saving action.

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