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Special Delivery PSVR Update 1.04 Improves Resolution and Fixes an Annoying Issue

Special Delivery is out now on PS4 in North America – not yet available in the UK/EU – and players have been re-living their youths as pesky paperboys. All good then. Or not.

We’re still in the middle of knocking out our review, but even we’ve noticed a few problems with the game. The most glaring issue is the resolution and how damn difficult it is to read the in-game text; especially annoying when you’re trying to get to grips with the game via the in-game tutorial level. Thankfully, then, Meerkat Gaming has released a new update for Special Delivery to sort it out.

The new update is version 1.04 and the patch notes are down below:

Special Delivery 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Improved resolution for better clarity of in-game text
  • Hotfix to prevent users from going backwards too far to a previous section

We’ve not yet had the chance to put the new patch through its paces, but rest assured it’ll come up in our review later today.

Have you been having a blast with Special Delivery, or has it been too much of a headache and an eye-strain for you to enjoy? Throw us your editorial down in the comments section below.

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