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Spellbreak’s First Seasonal Update is Prologue: The Gathering Storm, Introducing New Team Deathmatch Mode

Spellbreak developer Proletariat has announced today that it will be releasing the first seasonal content update for its free-to-play battle royale and that the update is called Prologue: The Gathering Storm.

The update will, of course, be free and nobody will have to pay a penny for any of the new content unless it’s for cosmetic items and the like. The Gathering Storm update will bring a new game mode called Clash Mode, which is basically team deathmatch. There are new skills and talents to use, too, and it’s all detailed down below.

“After an incredible launch, Spellbreak now has millions of players around the world,” said Seth Sivak, CEO of Proletariat. “This update represents the beginning of our plan to deliver robust content that offers new ways to experience Spellbreak’s unique combat and gives players a first taste of how we plan to deliver ongoing story content.”

  • New Content — Prologue: The Gathering Storm will be free to all players and feature weekly quests with unique rewards

  • Introducing Clash Mode — 9v9 team deathmatch with 3 squads on each team

  • New Talents — Enable players to further customize their playstyle

    • Vigor: Bonus health

    • Ambidextrous: Enables the passive class ability in your offhand gauntlet

    • Foresight: Reveals nearby players on your minimap and shows future shrines/circles

  • Halloween Content — New Outfits, Artifacts, Cloudbursts, Afterglows, Emotes, and Badges! Just in time for “Hollowed Eve!”

If you’ve not yet played Spellbreak, you’re missing out. I recently got a chance to play and review the game and, despite me being firmly against battle royale games, I ended up really liking it and I’ve been dipping in every night for a few rounds. It’s good fun and definitely against the grain. Plus, it’s free, so you don’t lose anything by trying.

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