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Spider-Man Completion Rate Swings Through the Roof

Marvel’s Spider-Man was an undoubtedly popular video game, making number one in the charts during its opening week. But these latest statistics show just how much fans were taken in by the arachno-rogue. Get it?

According to the data collected by PSNProfiles, 1 in 10 of all swingers nabbed the platinum trophy. That’s ten percent of every tight-clad DS4 clutching spider out there! And almost double the rate of other popular titles that have been out nigh on two years.

Now, it’s public knowledge that getting the platinum isn’t the most difficult of tasks. Simply complete all of the story, side missions and what not, and it’s yours. But it still demands a 100% completion, which is far from grind-less, even if you do get to swing from the rooftops.

There’s no denying that trophies are everywhere in PlayStation games these days. Find a bobblehead; have a trophy. Get eaten by a piranha plant; have a trophy. Win the Champion’s League; have a… Okay, point taken.

Sometimes trophies are a necessity more than a luxury, but at times it’s almost as if developers have decided on a set number to include before they even begin. And the result is a boring, choring marathon from one side of the map to the other, trying to reel in the final few that eluded your playthrough.

But as long as the trophy hunters remain, or the likes of me who can’t settle unless the completion percentage is maxed out, these little pieces of digital metalware will continue to entice. And games like Spider-Man may pass on the bug to a whole new crowd. Aku-Aku, help them. 

Are you the one in the ten who totally beat Spider-Man? Or is it ‘platinum smatinum’ in your opinion? Fling a cob-ment into the box below.

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