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Spider-Man Is a PS4 Exclusive In Marvel’s Avengers

When Marvel’s Avengers launches, the character Spider-Man will be a PS4 exclusive. That means players on other platforms won’t be able to swing. At least, not virtually…

However, this news comes after previous reports made out that Spidey would be platform-fluid. So, a few gamers may be disappointed on hearing this contradiction. He will be free, at least, if you happen to own the right console. But that means very little if you’re not invested in the right hardware.

Unfortunately, this clarification isn’t accompanied by any screenshots or gameplay trailers. Nor do we know what lycra tights he’ll be wearing (because, as everyone knows, he’s got quite the wardrobe). The team behind Marvel’s Avengers did suggest they’re doing something a little bit different with the character, though – whatever that could mean. I’m guessing it’s a big-name voice, or a known face behind the mask. But what do I know.

This may all come a little late, however, as buyers continue to cancel their pre-orders – especially as Spider-Man isn’t due to join the roster until 2021. You see, it’s a game that seems to be splitting opinions for one reason and another. And few seem to be prepared to take a gamble on it. So, if I was Square Enix, I’d start flooding the marketplace will brand new teaser material in an attempt to salvage this game. Because otherwise they could find themselves with a flop on their hands – one for no reason whatsoever other than a confused and unconvinced audience.

Is Spider-Man enough to make you open your purse? Or have you already turned your cape clad back on it?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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