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Spider-Man Isn’t the Only Playable Character in Insomniac’s PS4 Exclusive

After yesterday’s treat of a trailer, Insomniac has been back on the PlayStation Blog to dish up more information on its upcoming Spider-Man for PS4.

There’s still no release date yet, just the promise of 2018 – though we’re sure it’ll be in the first half of the year. While the studio has kept its mouth firmly webbed up around the game’s release date, it did offer some more insight into its take on the Spider-Man universe.

Perhaps the biggest news here is that Spider-Man won’t be the only character that you’ll be controlling. We first got a hint of it during the Paris Games Week trailer, but Insomniac has now confirmed that Mary Jane will also be a playable character, though only in “key” moments. So don’t expect to go swinging around New York as Peter’s lady.

Insomniac isn’t giving too much away, unfortunately, but we reckon that a few teases and hints will be dropped during the studio’s special livestream on November 3rd, 2PM PDT. The development house has promised to do a segment on the latest trailer, as well as giving away rare bits and bobs from the studio. Most importantly, though, fans questions will be answered. You can catch the livestream here when it begins on Friday.

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