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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Isn’t a Proper Sequel, Is an “Expansion” That Includes the Original Spider-Man Game

I called it last night in my after-event chat with my colleague Max Taylor, but now we have confirmation from Sony that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not a full-fledged sequel starring Miles Morales, but is instead an expansion.

Speaking to The Telegraph (paywall) Sony’s EVP head of European business, Simon Rutter, explained:

“There’s a substantial Miles Morales component – which is the expansion element – but also within the game as well there’s been major enhancements to the game and the game engine, obviously deploying some of the major PlayStation 5 technology and features.”

So basically, Spider-Man: Miles Morales includes the original Spider-Man game, and then the Miles Morales part is an expansion. It’s a little disappointing, but not totally unexpected. What it means is that you’ll get an enhanced version of the original Marvel’s Spider-Man that takes advantage of the PS5’s hardware, as well as an expansion featuring Miles Morales as he dons the Spider-Man suit himself.

It’s a shame that the expansion is only on PS5, though. Many PS4 players will have played through Spider-Man and its DLC, but won’t be able to upgrade to the PS5 right away. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic that is having a devastating effect on the day-to-day lives of regular folk. Maybe now is the time to start burrowing the pennies away in time for the PS5 release.

Source: The Telegraph, via VG247

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