Spider-Man on PS5 Will Have a 4K/60fps Performance Mode, But Does That Mean Stable 4K/60fps?

Insomniac Games has dropped a little tease over on its Twitter account that is sure to get fans webbing at the mouth. The tease? Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5 will have an optional 4K/60fps mode for those who want it. I imagine just about everybody will want it.

The thing is, though, and I can’t help but look at things from all angles, but why isn’t this the standard mode? If it can do it, why isn’t it just the default? The suggestion is that the Performance Mode will do up to 4K/60fps, just like games on the current-gen consoles with different performance profiles.

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I know, I’m sounding like a grumpy old cynic, but a tenner says that it’s not a stable 4K/60fps, but more along the lines of God of War’s high framerate mode. Tenner. Real monies. Bookmark this page, and then once Digital Foundy has analysed Spider-Man on PS5, you can come back and claim your winnings, or give me a high five for being correct.

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