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Spider-Man’s New Suit Splits Opinion, Insomniac Explains All

There’s a lot of love going around for the upcoming Spider-Man game. But one thing that has stirred the pot is the rethinking of Mr Parker’s very important suit – more specifically the spider silhouette now being white not black and the lack of red below the waistline.

It’s risky business taking on a much-loved licence and weaving your own take into the foundations. But then again, without risk there’s no reward. Luckily Insomniac saw promise in the Spider-Man franchise, and decided to bring the have-a-go hero into the 21st century. This is one thing that no one is complaining about (well, except the lack of updates during the development period and the fact it’s still a few months away). However, the studio are adamant that there is a good reason for the costume redesign, as a post over at Game Informer explains.

Hold on to your tights, it gets a little technical.

They were careful to preserve the iconic look to ensure it’s still easily recognisable by all fans, old and new. But they have now given context to each individual part. The blue sections are the stretchiest, allowing the ripped arthropod to show off his athletic prowess. In contrast, the red areas are thicker as they lie in areas more likely to take damage and, thus, offer more protection.

The white areas are the most durable and are woven from flexible carbon fibre. Their enhanced defence ability safeguards Spidey’s most vital organs and the areas of his limbs used for blocking enemy attacks.

In one final display of thought and devotion, Insomniac has explained that due to Spider-Man’s flamboyant display of movements, his animations are largely hand drawn instead of being the result of the usual motion capture. Now that’s commitment.

Has his suit upset your feelings? Or don’t you care if it’s red or pink, so long as we finally get our hands on this gem? Swing a comment into the box below. 

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