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Spike Chunsoft and MAGES, Inc to Announce New Titles Next Month at Anime Expo

On a Twitch stream tonight, Spike Chunsoft talked about its panels at Anime Expo next month. They are primarily to meet the community and discuss upcoming releases AI: The Somnium Files and Crystar. You will be able to hear about the games from the directors Kotaro Uchikoshi (AI) and Futuki Hayashi (Crystar). You will be able to meet them and the character designer for AI, Yusuke Kozaki,  and Crystar’s artist, Ruichi.

Towards the end, they let viewers know to expect some fireworks on July 4th. A panel is scheduled for 10:30 am PDT, and there will be three new game announcements. Two of those will be from MAGES, and one of those will be from Spike Chunsoft. If I had to guess, MAGES is going to stick with more visual novels. It’s a safe speculation.

Spike Chunsoft’s new mystery game is the one that has me really curious. They have been branching out into different paths this year, so it could be anything. As usual, I’m always hoping for a new Danganronpa, but I’ll keep my eyes open for when that news hits and pass it along to you.

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