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Spike Chunsoft Bringing More New Games to Western Audiences

Spike Chunsoft makes and localizes some very interesting games, and, at their first Western press conference, they announced a few more. After ten years, Fire Pro Wrestling will see an updated version coming to the PS4. It will include better graphics, more features, and online matchmaking.

They also announced a free VR game set in the Danganronpa universe. Danganronpa: The Class Trial will put you and your class on trial for murder. You can use truth bullets to remove the untrue statements and determine the real killer. The best part is that this will be free for all PS Plus members to download on March 7th in North American and March 10th in Europe.

The newly revealed 428: Shibuya Scramble will be available in 2018. Originally released in Japan in 2008, 428 is a visual novel that ties together the stories of five characters in Tokyo. Choices made by one character could greatly impact the story of another, leading to one of the game’s 50 plus endings.

The visual style of 428 should also be unique, because the game uses actual photos and live action video with actors to tell the story. We are hoping they avoid some of the hilarious FMV sequences of the past, but it should provide a very interesting experience.

They also mentioned a new project from director Kotaro Uchikoshi named Psync, but there are few details for the new game. Uchikoshi has previous worked on the Zero Escape games, so odds are good that we will see something else in the genre.

With all these announcements, Spike Chunsoft President, Mitsutoshi Sakurai, wanted to let everyone know that they are only getting started. At the event, he said, “We’re dedicated to localizing even more games in the future and want to hear what fans want next!”

If you are not familiar with their games, Spike Chunsoft has brought the Danganronpa series, the 999 and Zero Escape series, and they will be bringing some of them to the PS4 this month. We are glad to see more games being brought from Japan, because there is an enthusiastic market for them, even if it is niche.

Once again, 2017 may be the year that offers something for everyone.

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Press Release from Spike Chunsoft

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