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“Spike Chunsoft, Inc. Will Take Over Publishing for the Danganronpa Series”; Internet Breathes A Sigh Of Relief

Yasmine posted a story a couple of days ago about NIS America delisting some of the Danganronpa games from the PlayStation Store and mentioning that the games would no longer be sold by NIS America. Fans of the series certainly had a lot of questions and worries about this, so it’s good to see Spike Chunsoft clarify the situation a little.

In a brief Twitter post, the company said it’s going to be publishing the series and provide more info “once details are finalized.” The games won’t be completely disappearing (we hope) during the year-long celebration for the series’ tenth birthday. Hooray!

Many in the comments were quick to remind everyone that it doesn’t mean that we’ll see a new entry in the series either. That’s true, but, as a fan myself, it would be a big letdown to not have an announcement for a new entry into the franchise after all this fanfare. Like Makoto Naegi, I’m not ready to give up hope.

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