Splasher Will Make a Meat Boy Inspired Mess on PS4 Later This Month

Are you a fan of Super Meat Boy? Are you a fan of bright colours? Are you a fan of fast-paced platformers? Then you’ll probably be interested in this little game called Splasher that is coming to PS4 later this month. Man, we really do need to make some infomercial style videos…

Splashteam, the developer of Splasher, and Playdius, the game’s publisher, have announced today that Splasher will be hitting PS4 this September 26th. There’s a new trailer up above that’ll give you a wee taste of what Splasher is all about. If you can’t watch the video, we’ll give you a run down anyway.

Splasher is a 2D platformer that the developers described as being a fast-paced action platformer with unique gameplay features. At first glance it may look like a Super Meat Boy knock-off, but there’s a little more to it under the hood. You play as “a purple haired young hero” who is attacking the paint factory, INKKORP, to save the poor employees and to defeat the villain: Le Docteur. (Translation: The Doctor. Nerd translation: No, not that Doctor.)

To be fair, it does look like a ton of fun and even more so if you’re into the whole speed-running craze. The developers have promised that the game will offer more than a decent challenge to would-be speed-runners across the game’s 22 levels, as well as a Time Attack mode for the hardcore players that us humble peasants don’t deserve to live among, yet alone write about.

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The trailer is up above and there’s plenty more information provided by Splashteam over on the official PlayStation Blog. 

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