Splinter Cell Netflix Series Planned Before Game

Our boss has been patiently waiting for a new Splinter Cell game. And when I say patiently, I mean chomping at the bit and shouting at reveal shows. But it looks like he’ll be waiting a little longer because Ubisoft are prioritising a Netflix series over a Sam Fisher-PlayStation reunion. Even though nobody has been calling for one. So, rather than listening to the demand that’s there, they’ve gone ahead and done something different – what could possibly go wrong?

Apart from alienating your fanbase, a bit like Batman’s developers…

It gets worse for Mr Harding, however, as the series will be an anime-like animation. So, the poor chap probably won’t even be able to enjoy a single episode because Anime isn’t his thing. Although, the brains behind the drawing board certainly has some clout, which may convince him to at least give it a go. That’s because the writer of John Wick, Derek Kolstad, is taking the lead. And that movie series did pretty well.

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For all you who are interested, there will apparently be two series initially – sharing between them a total of 16 episodes. But, as of yet, no launch date or cast has been announced. Neither can I say if it will take a form similar to The Batman kids series or something more akin to Harley Quinn (for the more mature audience, shall we say). Either way, it should be packed full of drama.

This is a big decision by Ubisoft who continue to ignore demand for a Splinter Cell game. But are you disappointed? Or is news of Sam Fisher coming back to our living rooms enough for you?

Source: Kotaku

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