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Splitgate Open Beta Extended Indefinitely

10 million downloads in a month!

It looks like the guys and gals at 1047 Games have an absolute beast of a game on their hands, Splitgate has exceeded every expectation with the beta now being extended.

Splitgate, the free-to-play FPS, managed to gain 10 million downloads since the beta launched in July, with two million players downloading the game in the first two weeks. The player count exploded to the point that the beta had to be taken down for a time while the developers expanded the server capacity.

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The beta is back up and running now as engineers at 1047 games have been working diligently to remedy server issues. The game went from 4000 concurrent players to 175,000 within the first few weeks. The studio also has several updates lined up for fans for the rest of the year as well as bug fixes and quality of life upgrades.

The much-requested rank duos mode has gone live and increased server capacity and matchmaking times have also been significantly reduced. 1047 has also teased a big announcement for players to look out for at Gamescom 2021.

“This has been the most surreal time of my life,” said Ian Proulx, CEO and co-founder of 1047 Games. “The fan support has been incredible as we work to improve the player experience. We never dreamed of having to scale this big this quickly, and as a result, we have had to overcome challenges to keep up with player demand. We met several major milestones in a short time, creating a stable platform where fans can expect to find a server to play on relatively quickly, and I’m proud of what our team has accomplished – but there’s a lot more to come!”

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Splitgate is supposed to be launching officially later this month but that remains to be seen as 1047 games continue to work on the beta and improve servers. Regardless, this has been a phenomenon for the studio and a major success story.

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