Spoilers Mean Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Won’t Be On EA Access

EA Access is meant to give you early access to upcoming releases by the namesake publisher. But the next big title to drop – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – won’t be making an appearance due to “spoilers”.

Which is disappointing for a number of reasons.

The news came via Twitter, when EA informed users that they have decided against offering a short-run trial of the game. That was because they wanted to avoid the leaking of content/storylines online. But isn’t that a risk of EA Access in general – whatever the game?

Because whenever you offer a small minority of people access to something others won’t have for some time, you’re always going to get information leaking online. It’s inevitable, and at times, useful – positive responses and tantalising teasers could easily sell a few more copies on your behalf.

But EA obviously disagrees with that logic.

Then there’s the fact that EA Access is sold with the major benefit of having early access to the publisher’s releases. Yet, here we are, pre-launch of a very anticipated game and subscribers are unable to enjoy that perk. Instead, they’re being offering two average cosmetics to make up for the disappointment.

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Because the two things are so obviously equal in weighting…

The only other concern is there is actually another reason why they don’t want news dropping before its release – like galaxy sized bugs or something equally as game-breaking. Which I’m sure is completely inaccurate, but you can’t help but wonder when they’ve made such a confusing decision.

We’ll soon see, I guess.

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