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Sports Bar VR Update Version 1.02 on PS4 Brings Fixes and Features

Sports Bar VR for PlayStation VR on PS4 has had a new update today that fixes some annoying bugs (one that we’ve actually encountered!) and adds in a nice new feature to help players.

The bug that’s been given the pesticide is the one that doesn’t allow players to get further than the opening tutorial that eases you in to the PS Move controls. As mentioned above, this is a bug that we’ve encountered during our reviewing of Sports Bar VR, though a simple restart of the application did seem to get rid of it. Of course it’s not ideal, but at least the problem has been addressed.

Then there’s the new added feature of new control hints on the player’s hand during the tutorial. This is something that was desperately needed, really, you know, being a tutorial and all that.

The full patch notes are down below, and our review of Sports Bar VR will up be shortly, so be on the lookout for it. Hint: Helps if you follow us on Twitter on Facebook, then you’ll know when these things are posted. Just sayin’.

Sports Bar VR Update Version 1.02

  • Fixed Bugs: Fixed issue with not being able to progress properly in the tutorial
  • Added Features: Added control hints on hand in tutorial

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