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Spyro Looks Bloody Brilliant on PS4 in New 10-Minute Gameplay Video

Spyro Reignited Trilogy was nowhere to be seen at any of this year’s E3 pressers, strangely enough. I thought we’d at least get a bit of chinwagging on stage during Sony’s conference, but no, nothing.

Thankfully the PlayStation Access team has been busy behind the scenes. The channel has uploaded a brand new gameplay video that shows – yes, you guessed it – actual gameplay and not just CG cutscenes.

It’s looking very, very good at this moment in time, though I couldn’t help but notice a bit of choppiness during the gameplay clip. Perhaps it’s just ol’ YouTube, or perhaps it’s just that the game isn’t quite finished yet. Here’s hoping that we get another great performing remake with Spyro this September 21st.

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