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Spyro Reignited Trilogy Takes Up Nearly 70 GB of Space

According to a user on Resetera, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy install size is 31.42 GB. But after the day one patch is added, which is mandatory if you want to play all three games in their entirety, the complete file size approaches the big seven-0.

According to their post, they initially installed the disc whilst disconnected from the internet. This allowed them to see the file size without the additional patch. And at this point, it used 31.42 GB of space. They then connected to the internet to download the update, which was quoted as being 19.69 GB.

Using our super dooper maths skills, that should mean a total size of 51.11GB. However, it isn’t that straightforward.

After the download was complete, the total file size was actually stated as being 67.48 GB – this is supported by a screenshot in the main post, which itself is one of a few – which led to speculation and confusion about where the extra 16-ish gigabyte came from. Perhaps something to do with compression – patch or disc.

But this news also leads to a number of other questions, as well. Like:

  • Why does the disc only hold a total of 31GB of data when it should be able to hold an extra 20 or so – surely, two of the games could have been included in their entirety, leaving only one needing the patch to complete?
  • Why didn’t Activision choose to use two discs instead of one, a la Red Dead Redemption 2? Surely the extra cost and inconvenience would have been made up for in higher sales.
  • How could these remakes demand so much space, when compared to similar re-releases – Crash Bandicoot, Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted?
  • And couldn’t anything more be done, with regards to optimisation and compression, to negate the need for the patch, full stop? Couldn’t the 4K assets have been made an optional download instead of actual game levels?

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do now. Even if our hopes were raised by the two month delay. Instead we’ll have to make do with the originals if the download is either impossible or totally off putting. Remind me where to stick the scary cable?

What are your thoughts on patch-gate? Are you skipping Spyro this time? Or can’t you wait to jump through a remastered portal after all these years? Fire a comment our way below.

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