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Spyro Reignited Trilogy Will Need a 50GB Download on PS4

It was only a few days ago that news broke that Spyro Reginited Trilogy would be releasing without the entire trilogy on the disk. Instead of getting all three games in one package, only the first original Spyro game will ship on the disc and the other two will have to be downloaded.

The box art for the German version of the game has leaked online via Amazon, revealing that it’s not going to be an inconsequential download to get the full package on PS4. The back of the box notes that there will only be one of the games on the disc, and that you’ll have to download the other two games separately. It also notes that a minimal of 50GBs of hard drive space will be required. This isn’t a small download, and it’s going to hurt those without proper internet the most, like Pure PlayStation’s own Hannah Ellis.

I can’t say I’m all too happy about this, but what can we do? We could all take a noble stand and not buy the game, but good luck co-coordinating a mass boycott with the parents and grandparents of the world looking for a cheap gift for little Timmy this Christmas.


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