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Square Enix Explains Again Why Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Two Parts

Final Fantasy VII Remake

I don’t think anyone is going to complain that there will be two instalments to the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The more content the better, right? But for some reason Square Enix have once again made their thinking process public, almost as if they’re having to justify themselves. Whether they are is a topic for another article altogether, but from this latest interview we’re able to get a bit more of an insight into what brought about such a big move – strategy wise. And the answer might surprise you.

You see, it turns out that there are two parts to the remake because the studio wants Final Fantasy VII to be the best game it can be – for itself, and for gamers worldwide. Therefore, they had a big decision to make early on in its development cycle.

The team were faced with the dilemma of either recreating the original, with today’s graphics, but making allowances/cuts as to confine it to a single release (because all those pixels come at a cost). Or taking that game as inspiration, revamping its looks and recreating it in a way that truly does it justice. By including all the areas that may have been oversights last time around. By fleshing it out a little more in the story department. And by making it a truly immersive adventure, taking advantage of all they’ve learnt in the interim period.

As we know, they went with the latter. And as a result, were forced to go down the two part release route. But they didn’t have to, which is something that’s worth repeating.

Its producer Yoshinori Kitase explained all on their official site, saying:

“Essentially, to make a single release viable the resulting game would have ended up being a digest of the original story, and we didn’t think that fans would be pleased with that.”

“Ultimately, we decided the best option for the project was to go for the highest level possible, with an expanded story. Having more than one game in the project allowed us to focus on keeping everything people loved from the original, but go into greater detail and more story depth than before”.

This gamer-oriented update is, once again, a pleasant surprise. But one we’ll gladly take. It also reignites our excitement for the game’s launch. However, nobody is anticipating that more than Square Enix themselves, who are probably still in the dark as to whether this gamble of a two part Final Fantasy VII Remake will come through for them. I’m sure it will, but until the numbers come in – who really knows for certain?

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