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Square Enix Is Making an Avengers Game

Square Enix announced that it would be partnering with Marvel to make multiple games. I guess it heard those movies make a ton of cash, so it makes sense. Before you roll your eyes about another movie game and click back to that naughty site, you should know a few things.

The game development will be handled by Tomb Raider developers, Crystal Dynamics, and Deus Ex developers, Eidos Montreal. Based on last year’s releases, that should make us all breathe a little easier with regards to story and game mechanics.

Here is the less encouraging news. The game is in the early stages, and we only have a CG trailer. Square Enix will not be giving any more information about the game until 2018, and, if its past development schedule is any indication, your grandchildren may still be waiting for it. Either way, it is interesting, and we look forward to seeing at least another CG trailer in 2018.

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