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Square Enix Will Show New Game Named Outriders at E3

Square Enix will be revealing details on a new game at E3, and we have our first bit of tantalizing media in a tweet today. The account was created over a year ago, but it started by giving little bits of information in the form of captain’s log updates. I’ll put a source link to the account for you to read it all, but it describes a ship named the Flores on a journey to a planet named Enoch on a mission for humanity’s salvation. After being in cryosleep, the captain and others are thawed as they will begin their life on Enoch.

Like my fellow writer, Kyle, I love a game that has anything to do with space, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. Will it be starting a colony after Earth is dying? Will you be hopping to other planets? Will this game be announced too early and won’t see actual release for a few years? All are possible.

Our beloved dictator editor, Chris Harding, will be at E3, so we’ll have more details on June 10th when the gameplay is shown at the Square Enix conference.

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