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SRPG Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Demo and New Content Coming Dec 10

When it releases on December 10th, Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia will be receiving some fixes and shiny new features as part of the “Titans and the Iron Front” patch. The patch details give a lot more specificity. The strategy RPG will allow you to customize the enemy AI difficulty, playtime, how much experience you gain, and five other options. It also adds more challenging monsters and a new UI. You can read the full patch notes here.

If you want to try out some of the gameplay and improvements from the patch, a demo is releasing on December 10th as well. There will be a tutorial mode that teaches you how to play and a training mode that allows you to lead the army of the Brigandine of Justice from the Norzaleo Kingdom. It will be locked to easy mode, and you will have to survive ten seasons or occupy seven bases. You can replay it as much as you like to see how different tactics work, but your progress will not carry over to the final version if you buy the game.

If you do buy the game digitally, you will receive a PS4 theme, and potentially hundreds of hours of strategic gameplay. The Brigandine series originally appeared on the PS1. After taking a twenty-year break, it’s back and being developed by industry pros. You will take control of one of the six kingdoms in the game and try to conquer Runersia. You will have access to rune knights and monster soldiers across your hexagonal grid map to victory.

You can check out the original announcement trailer at the top, and you can go hands-on the demo when the full game releases on December 10th.

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