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Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster Available Today

Lately, we have been rethinking remasters. They may be a great way for someone to be able to jump into a long standing series without having to pull out an old console. It is also much easier on the eyes than the pure retro graphics.

After Square Enix’s up-rendered Star Ocean: Till the End of Time for the PS4, they decided to push Star Ocean: The Last Hope to 4K with 60fps. Without seeing the trailer in 4K, it still looks pretty good in yesterday’s standard 1080p. That’s not bad for a game released in 2010.

Takaaki Kai, the game’s producer, explains some of what they were hoping to achieve visually while still keeping the heart of the game untouched.

“…there is an established sense of enjoyment in the battles and the game itself, so we kept those intact, since we wanted people to experience those aspects as close to its original form, rather than having us inappropriately meddling in those areas.”

The team upped the graphics, but they also added some polish to that higher resolution. The updated engine has added camera blur and better shadows to the game. They also claim that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will run at a stable 60fps with scenes showing more details than the original game.

One of the best parts of the launch article is that the producer is a fan. This is the first Star Ocean game the producer played, and the entire piece on the PlayStation Blog is written by a person genuinely passionate about the game and the chance to make a remaster that honors the original while making it look even better.

If you enjoyed the original, or you just want to see what all the fuss is about, you can pick it up digitally for 10% off the standard price. That makes it $18.99 in the US or £15.29 in the UK.

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