Star Trek: Bridge Crew Delayed for PSVR, Coming March 2017

2016 will be forever known as The Year of the Delays here at Pure PlayStation. We must have written dozens of articles about games being delayed, and here we are once again with the news that a game has been delayed.

This time it’s Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew for the PlayStation VR that’s had its release date pushed back. The game was initially set to release “Fall 2016” – so any day now – but Ubisoft has since posted an update over on the UbiBlog informing would-be deck commanders of the delay.

Instead of releasing this year, Star Trek: Bridge Crew will release on March 14th, 2017. Ubisoft explains that the studio wants to deliver “the best game experience possible at launch” and that the decision has been made to push it back a few months in order to do so. It’s a shame that it’s delayed, though we’d much prefer a polished product instead of a rushed, broken mess – especially with it being for PlayStation VR.

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Disappointed with the delay, or are you secretly happy that there’s one less temptation this awfully busy holiday season? Command your fingers to do the talking down in the comments section, Captain.

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